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    - Create social poll and quiz "funnels" in minutes.  Works in any niche: Amazon, TeeSpring, CPA, JVZoo...
  • Make $100s More from EVERY Campaign...
    - Instantly “lock” your leads  and turn ALL your Facebook clicks into long-term buyers...
  • Build Super-Responsive Email Lists, FAST...
    - Show different offers and optin forms based on how prospects respond to your questions...
  • No Coding or Tech Skills Required...
    - With our all-in-one web-based solution, even complete newbies can edit campaigns on the fly...  we’ll even host all your campaigns for you!
Build super-responsive email lists, create super targeted Facebook audiences and run multiple affiliate promos with this simple software…
  • Easy Point-and-Click Interface
  • Works with any Autoresponder
  • Unrivalled Feature-Set 
  • 100% Facebook TOS Compliant 
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We all know you can now make a ton of money selling products online...

...without even needing your own product... or even your own website!

Thanks to sites like:
...you can make a ton of money just driving traffic as an affiliate...

...while pretty much everything else - from sales page design to product delivery - is DONE FOR YOU!

That’s a pretty sweet business model, right?

And right now, there’s no hotter way of driving traffic to affiliate offers than Facebook.

Facebook gives you instant targeted access to MILLIONS of potential buyers...

And success in this game all comes down to one simple equation...
Make more money in sales than
you spend on traffic.
That’s your Return On Investment (ROI).

Sounds simple, right?
So why isn't EVERYONE getting filthy-rich on Facebook? 
There are 3 (very "fixable") reasons why most affiliate marketers don't make money on Facebook...
Problem #1 - Facebook hates DIRECT affiliate links...
It’s the biggest traffic source around - but Facebook’s started BANNING affiliate links (like JVZoo etc...).  

And this trend will only get worse.

And even if you DO get your direct link to an affiliate offer approved - there’s a bigger problem that’s losing affiliate marketers money right now...
Problem #2 - Your traffic is “cold”...
How many likes, shares and comments are you getting on your average post?  Not many, right? 

If you’re not engaging your visitors first then all the traffic you’re sending to offers is essentially cold traffic. 

To make a real difference what you really need is interactive content that people want to share and comment on.  This is the real secret to boosting your conversions.
Problem #3 - You only get ONE shot to make it count...
If you send someone to an affiliate product…and they don’t buy THERE AND THEN....you don’t make money. 

Worse, you LOSE money - because you still have to pay to get them there in the first place…

Sending your ROI through the floor…
The truth is...  if you’re running traffic DIRECT to affiliate offers, without engaging users and building your OWN email and re-targeting lists...  you’re leaving a massive pile of cash on the table.
We know... we were doing it too.   Without knowing it we were
unwittingly flushing our profits down the drain.

So how do you re-target prospects & capture their email when you’re promoting affiliate products?

Well, until now, if you wanted to re-target prospects for your affiliate campaigns... you’d have to use dodgy “link-cloaking” software…

...which breaks Facebook’s TOS and puts your account at risk again!

But what if there’s an easier - and safer - way to increase your affiliate profits?

A way to...
  • Drive Facebook traffic to affiliate campaigns...
  • Re-target prospects with relevant ads... 
  • Increase your footprint via social sharing...
  • And capture their email...
... without get slapped hard by Facebook!
Imagine Every Click You Generate on Facebook... INSTANTLY Becoming
a Lead that You Can Target with MULTIPLE Offers in the Future…
...ANYWHERE on the web!

Would that boost your ROI?

Better still... what if you could also instantly segment your traffic to send each prospect to the optimum offers FOR THEM (without having to run tons of different ads)?

...All whilst providing the kind of content that your prospects will love to engage with and share with their friends...
Social Polls and Quizzes Re-invented
Traffic Funnlr puts a game changing twist on social polls and quizzes to help you engage prospects, increase  your leads, and boost your conversions

Sure, polls and quizzes are nothing new...

You probably see them around the web all the time, right?

I bet you’ve clicked on a fair few too. They’re highly clickable little suckers!

But we’re about to change the way you think about these simple little “click-magnets”… FOREVER!
Because we’ve discovered that…

when you COMBINE a simple online poll or quiz
with a custom offer and re-targeting campaign
based on your prospect’s answer…

...you see up a 300%+ bump in conversions!
To prospects they just look like the fun little polls and quizzes they see everyday...

 ...but for us, they’re like mini marketing funnels designed to get more leads and traffic to our offers...

...and we’ve been using them to generate crazy commissions and profits!

This System Delivers MASSIVE Results In ANY Niche EVERY time.
Because with interactive polls and quizzes, you’re like the smart sales-person who frames their products as solutions to your prospect’s specific problems – as something your prospect WANTS, rather than just something you want to sell them.

This ground-breaking software works on DEEP psychological triggers – triggers that have been researched by KEY marketers in our industry like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Andre Chaperon.

We've built these triggers into the software, so you don't need to worry about them. 

Just KNOW that they work, and they work very, very well... and they will work FOR YOU, just as they do for these marketing giants:
The “Disarming Question”
Your prospect answers a question and makes a micro commitment – Yay, they’re ready to do whatever you ask!
The Custom
The prospect is "funneled" to the offer or page most relevant to their answer.  Hint: this is super powerful stuff!
The Call-To-Action
Boom! They love what they see and opt-in, share or even buy (depending on what you set as your campaign objective)
The Return
Re-target your visitors based on the answer they give to your question.
Target 'super fans' to seriously boost your ROI.
Check out these examples of these super smart “micro-funnels”  in action...
Looks awesome, right?
And best of all, getting started with Traffic Funnlr is so easy,
you can have one pulling in profits within minutes...
Step 1: Choose from 4 Funnl types…
Set your Funnl objective depending upon whether you want to drive social traffic, auto-redirect to offer pages, show custom thank-you pages or collect email opt-ins.
Step 2: Customize your Funnl in minutes…
Just add your question, the answers and your offer URLs,
then select a style from one of
our built-in “skins”.  Then you’re ready to go!
Step 3: Put your Funnl live for the whole world to see...
We'll host all your Funnls for
you.  No technical issues to
worry about.  You can have
your first Funnl up and running
and collecting leads in minutes
Step 4: Track your success in real time…
All the stats you need to know, in real-time.  No more wading through useless data to see how your campaigns are performing.  Duplicate your winning Funnls with a single click.
Finally, everything you need to start making money online…
Easily leverage powerful “Conversion Triggers”
Use Curiosity, Scarcity, and Consistency – to DEVASTATING effect
Run multiple offers at the same time & maximize sales
Instantly segment and auto-funnel each prospect to the optimum offer for them!
Easy to use interface
Funnlr is powered by WordPress, a platform trusted every day by millions of users.
Autoresponder integration
Instantly feed your leads into your mailing lists.  Funnlr is integrated with all major autoresponders.
Rapidly deploy campaigns
Customize, duplicate, and deploy your campaigns without touching a single line of code.
Add countdown timers
Compel your visitors to take action NOW.  Add countdown timers to your campaigns in just a few clicks.
Embed rich media
Create powerful multimedia campaigns which will wow your audience.
Cloud based platform
Access and edit your campaigns instantly from anywhere you can get online.
100% mobile responsive
That’s right – our campaigns look incredible on every device under the sun!
No programming required
No word of a lie!  Even the greenest newbie can set up a campaign in minutes.
And of course, it goes without saying, that you also get…
High quality video training
We’ll guide you through every step with our over the shoulder video tutorials.
World Class Support
Our awesome, talented team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.
Check out all the buyer lists we’ve built across different niches in the last few months while testing and perfecting Traffic Funnlr...
"This is a super-effective (and safe!) way to build leads.  I run a lot of affiliate and CPA offers on Facebook, and had problems in the past with Facebook disapproving my ads.  But with Traffic Funnlr I just send people to a poll or quiz before sending them to an offer...and it's boosting my conversions too!"   
Jon Sullivan
Facebook Marketer
I recently started using Traffic Funnlr to create quick landing pages for my campaigns and I couldn't be more satisfied. 

The very first time I tried it I already had a substantial improvement in the ROI of my campaign, and I definitely intend to continue to use it with several traffic sources.

Thanks, Tom and Stuart, for such an amazing tool! I highly recommend this to anyone who
is looking for a simple solution for creating efficient landing pages in few minutes. 

William Souza
Online Marketer
Are you starting to see the opportunity laying in your lap?

Traffic Funnlr Delivers Massive Results in Any Niche
CASE STUDY #1:  Teespring Campaigns
We ran a campaign in the popular dog niche using a fun t-shirt as a prize...

All the user had to do was tell us which designed they liked best
The poll gave us a clear winner, with 3/4s of people preferring the first design

(contrary to our personal preferences)
Of course we collected the emails and created a retargeting
list of all participants so when we launched the campaign
we had a ready made list of people to promote to
The Result:

This is a shirt that we've relaunched a few times now.

84 Sales and counting on
the latest run.
CASE STUDY #2:  List Growth and Engagement
We recently ran a contest in the Adventure Sports niche...
A List Building Contest
By running a simple quiz-style contest we were able to generate 2,673 optins over
the course of the campaign
The Result: Here are the stats from the Traffic Funnlr dashboard...

Check out those conversions...  Really shows the power of these campaigns!
CASE STUDY #3:  Fanpage Engagement
We ran a poll via a brand new drummer Fanpage, to increase engagement and drive more traffic to our page...

Drummer fans were asked who the greatest drummer of all time is... and then encouraged to share the poll with their friends... 
The Result:

From just a few people seeing our initial post, this poll received over 100 entries and tons of comments - without ANY paid ads.
Of course we created retargeting audiences based on people's
responses so we can better target our campaigns in the future
CASE STUDY #4:  Banking Serious Commissions
We used Traffic Funnlr to promote multiple JVZoo
offers at the same time...
By asking prospects which type of  offer they were most interested in, we were able to get a micro-commitment and send them to a more relevant offer.
The Result:

Our conversions sky-rocketed... resulting in $3,225 in commissions in 3 days! 
Traffic Funnlr Brings Real Buyers Eager To Spend Money On Your Offers… Sending Your ROI Through The Roof!
You don’t even need your own product or list to start making serious money from Traffic Funnlr
In fact, Traffic Funnlr is A Newbies’ Paradise...
With this software, all barriers have been lifted.  At last...
Traffic Funnlr's awesome... the polls and quizzes are so easy to set up - and they look great too.  I've been using them on TeeSpring campaigns and had my most successful month yet since starting with it.  Re-targeting people based on their answer is working especially well for me - these ads get insane ROI!"
Duncan Lodge
Online Marketer
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    This is the “meat” of the whole thing.  In this video we’re going to reveal 5 different ways that you can turn hesitant visitors into loyal buyers using social polls and quizzes.  These work in all kinds of niches - from health through to sports - because they work using universal sales principles.
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    Finally, our comprehensive suite of easy-to-follow training videos will take you through every step of setting up your first campaign.  There’s no programming involved, it’s as easy as point and click… so you’ll be launching your first winner in no time!
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All the risk is on us. So we’ve made this decision a complete no-brainer for you.
Dustin Custer
PPC and Conversion Expert
 "Awesome job guys!  For me the biggest benefit is how easy it is to setup and connect to everything.  Definitely a tool that i’ll be adding to my toolbox."
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